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Trigger Warning

Inside the Teen World: Trigger Warning

My students openly discuss their personal feelings with more frequency than they did a decade ago. It’s not unusual for teens to label themselves as “anxious,” “depressed,” “unstable,” or “triggered” by a particular behavior. Continue reading

0 Comments / 111 View / July 14, 2017

finding identity in jesus

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear: Finding Our Identity in Jesus

Instead of finding our identity in what we do, Jesus invites us to come and find our identity in Him. Continue reading

0 Comments / 135 View / June 15, 2017

Responsibility or Retreat? Youth Discussion Guide on Refugee Crisis Care

How should we handle things like the refugee crisis and the fears it brings up? Continue reading

2 Comments / 162 View / March 30, 2017

connection and stereotypes

Connection vs. Stereotypes

We were created for connection, yet we have a bad habit of boxing people into stereotypes that separate us from one another. Continue reading

0 Comments / 132 View / March 9, 2017

Faith and Science: Moving Beyond Debates

What comes to mind when you hear ‘faith’ and ‘science’ in the same sentence? Continue reading

0 Comments / 96 View / February 15, 2017

I’ve Still Got a Lot of Fight Left in Me

Compassionate Conversation about Assisted Suicide Continue reading

0 Comments / 79 View / February 1, 2017

Diffusing the Tension: Exposing the Heart of the Abortion Debate

When you bring up the topic of abortion, it seems like everyone has an opinion, and those opinions can quickly turn into arguments and angry rhetoric. Continue reading

0 Comments / 68 View / January 30, 2017

Dignity Revolution: Standing Up for the Value of Every Person

Be encouraged and inspired in biblical dignity, a dignity that comes from creation and the cross. Continue reading

0 Comments / 105 View / January 17, 2017

Who Do You Follow?

Who Do You Follow?

Explore ways to live your Christian faith, engage in sincere conversation and love your neighbors in a politically-charged society, no matter what your affiliation is. Continue reading

0 Comments / 143 View / November 3, 2016

LCMS Youth Ministry Webinars

Webinar: Today’s Politics – What Do We Say

How to talk about politics with youth and families in this politically-charged election cycle. Continue reading

0 Comments / 106 View / October 17, 2016