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Youth Workers Can Learn from Politics

What Youth Workers Can Learn from Politics

Two important lessons we can learn from politics and culture. Continue reading

0 Comments / 121 View / October 31, 2016

Youth Ministry as Story Time

All Things New: Youth Ministry as Story Time

Story time lets youth be heard, belong, and build strong Christ-centered relationships. Continue reading

0 Comments / 432 View / October 13, 2016

All Things New: When You Need a Win

Here’s the simple truth: there will be times that we will do everything right, and many youth still won’t be there or come back. But there will also be times where our personal interactions with the youth, games we play, and discussions we facilitate simply fall flat, and yet they still keep showing up. So what can we depend on? Continue reading

0 Comments / 173 View / April 26, 2016

All Things New: Your Tone Matters

How we say something is often as important as what we say. Continue reading

0 Comments / 182 View / November 4, 2015

All Things New: Youth Workers – Teachers or Librarians?

Are parents supporting your work, or are you supporting their work in growing their child’s faith? Continue reading

0 Comments / 255 View / September 24, 2015

All Things New: Sacrifices that are Worthwhile

Working in the church often requires sacrifices. Which ones are worthwhile? Continue reading

0 Comments / 722 View / April 7, 2015

All Things New: Spoiler Alert: Jesus Wins

When we are weighed down by the vast amount of evil that we see in this world, we need to know that, spoiler alert, Jesus wins. Continue reading

0 Comments / 206 View / January 12, 2015

All Things New: The Relevant Gospel

Relevancy isn’t found in a certain format, style or way of “doing church” but in the very Word of God being preached, sung, taught and lived out in a way that shows the complete sufficiency of Christ in our lives. Continue reading

0 Comments / 234 View / November 19, 2014

All Things New: Do Today’s Families have Room for Church?

Families need Jesus. They can’t afford to not fit church into their schedule. Continue reading

0 Comments / 398 View / November 14, 2014

All Things New: Youth and Reformation

Is it time for a reformation in your youth ministry? Continue reading

1 Comment / 347 View / November 4, 2014