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Sarah Larson

Sarah Larson is a writer, director and film producer from Buda, Texas, and has been writing stage productions and screenplays for fifteen years. She currently works with Redeemer's Song Ministries, a theater and film ministry located in her hometown of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. She and her husband Caleb, a minister at Good Shepherd Ministries in Buda, have two young children.

Theater and Drama in Ministry: Part 3

What do you do after you use theater and drama in youth ministry? Continue reading

0 Comments / 113 View / August 17, 2016

Theater and Drama in Ministry, Part 2

The goal of drama ministry is to focuses on and show the Gospel. It takes strategic, creative, and grace-filled planning. Continue reading

0 Comments / 87 View / August 9, 2016

Theater and Drama in Ministry, Part 1

Using theater and drama in youth ministry allows you to approach the development of Biblical knowledge differently. Continue reading

0 Comments / 212 View / August 2, 2016

Drama: In Christ Alone

This story of the wise and foolish builder explores the themes of joy, identity, humility, community, and standing in Christ. Continue reading

0 Comments / 792 View / July 28, 2016

Transitions Skits: Relating to Others

A collection of four relational-themed skits, ages junior high to young adult. Continue reading

0 Comments / 211 View / June 27, 2016

Christmas Drama: Glory Be

At Christmas a new definition of glory presented itself: all man all God with hunger and human hair and a heartbeat. Continue reading

0 Comments / 788 View / November 17, 2015