Author: Cassie Moore

Betwixt: Crickets Chirping Into the Silence – Tackling Student Prayer

Rewind a few years back. It was my very first youth event at a brand-new church, and I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. It was a stormy night, we were under a tornado watch, and I was meeting in an unfinished metal building with twenty kids inspecting their new youth leader with a critical eye. I had labored all week, writing the perfect Bible study and coming up with ice breakers just right for this group–but more importantly, a first aid kit and a flashlight were arm’s length away from me at all times. The...

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Betwixt: Good Cop, Bad Cop, part 2

Last time we discussed some of the common myths surroundig discipline in youth ministry. Now the question remains: how do you build discipline into your youth ministry? Here are a few things I’ve learned the hard way: Be Proactive Don’t wait for problems to emerge before attempting to fix them. Instead, talk about the rules you’re setting, the relationships you’re trying to build, the possible areas of temptation for troublemakers, and try to cut off trouble before it arrives. Put yourself in the shoes of your most mischievous student–what could he or she possible do? Thinking like that while...

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