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Brandon Metcalf

Brandon is currently living in Lake Ozark, Missouri, with his wonderful wife, Dana. He serves there as the Director of Christian Education at Christ the King Lutheran Church with a focus on children, youth and family ministries. In this role, he especially loves teaching, speaking and using stories to help others learn about God, find their value in Him and realize that nothing can satisfy them outside of Christ.

Devotion: Everyday Service

a devotion on Ephesians 5:1-2 Continue reading

0 Comments / 273 View / April 4, 2013

Devotion: Who do we Serve?

Devotion: Who do we Serve?

We know we’re supposed to serve others, but who are these others? And how do we know when we’ve done enough? Continue reading

0 Comments / 716 View / March 27, 2013

Devotion: The Purpose of Service

Why do we serve? Continue reading

0 Comments / 171 View / March 20, 2013

Devotion: Who Serves?

Service isn’t just for adults or those with professional training. Continue reading

0 Comments / 140 View / March 13, 2013

Devotion: Foundation of Service

God tells us that just as trees are stable because they are rooted in the ground, we are to be rooted in love. Continue reading

0 Comments / 131 View / March 6, 2013

Bible Study: Living Worship

Bible Study: Living Worship

We must see worship as what God does for us, eliciting our response to His grace. Use this Bible study to dive into the concept of the worship lifestyle. Continue reading

0 Comments / 775 View / June 8, 2012