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Brandon Metcalf

Brandon is currently living in Lake Ozark, Missouri, with his wonderful wife, Dana. He serves there as the Director of Christian Education at Christ the King Lutheran Church with a focus on children, youth and family ministries. In this role, he especially loves teaching, speaking and using stories to help others learn about God, find their value in Him and realize that nothing can satisfy them outside of Christ.

All Things New: Three Words that Should be Banned in your Youth Room

We’re in the process of redoing the youth room at the church I serve at. The youth have been without a designated room for a few years, so we’re converting one of the other rooms back into a youth room….

0 Comments / 776 View / August 10, 2015

All Things New: Delegating Discipleship

Who is doing the work of discipleship, and how can you encourage parents to take on the responsibility for their kids? Continue reading

0 Comments / 97 View / May 28, 2015

All Things New: Who is Welcome in your Youth Group?

Youth groups and churches are most welcoming when we are a place where we acknowledge, recognize and repent of our inability to meet God’s perfect standards (via the Law) and rejoice in the beauty of all that God has done for us in Jesus Christ (via the Gospel). Continue reading

0 Comments / 596 View / April 27, 2015

All Things New: Sacrifices that are Worthwhile

Working in the church often requires sacrifices. Which ones are worthwhile? Continue reading

0 Comments / 716 View / April 7, 2015

All Things New: Spoiler Alert: Jesus Wins

When we are weighed down by the vast amount of evil that we see in this world, we need to know that, spoiler alert, Jesus wins. Continue reading

0 Comments / 206 View / January 12, 2015

Stand for Life

Stand for Life

Standing for life starts long before organizing marches for life…it starts with laying down some basic principles about the value of life. Continue reading

0 Comments / 57 View / January 5, 2015

All Things New: The Relevant Gospel

Relevancy isn’t found in a certain format, style or way of “doing church” but in the very Word of God being preached, sung, taught and lived out in a way that shows the complete sufficiency of Christ in our lives. Continue reading

0 Comments / 234 View / November 19, 2014

All Things New: Do Today’s Families have Room for Church?

Families need Jesus. They can’t afford to not fit church into their schedule. Continue reading

0 Comments / 398 View / November 14, 2014

All Things New: Youth and Reformation

Is it time for a reformation in your youth ministry? Continue reading

1 Comment / 344 View / November 4, 2014

All Things New: Good Summer

At some point we bought into the lie that everything is supposed to be good, that everything will be fine and that nothing bad will ever happen to us, but this clearly contrasts with what Jesus has told us. Continue reading

0 Comments / 81 View / October 1, 2014