5 Transitional Skills You may be Forgetting

Helping young people with life-transitions is a blessing. As the church, we are in a wonderful position to speak into and assist in these moments of transition and helping develop skills they need to stay healthy and Christ centered. Here are five transitional skills you might not plan for.

Skit – The Start of Something New

This skit is designed to start a conversation about the transition out of high school and into what is next. This can be used with other resources to help young people think about how God is with them through all kinds of transitions.

Starting a Conversation about…Social Media

Our young people are being raised in an era where being on social media is not only the norm, but the expectation. Use this Conversation Guide to help you have important talks with teens about their usage and engagement on social media.

Solo, but Not Alone: Blessings and Burdens of Being Single in Youth Ministry Leadership

As a single adult serving in ministry, you experience both blessings and benefits in serving youth ministry, provided appropriate boundaries and cautions are followed. We do not know what the Lord ultimately has planned for our futures, but this article reminds us God calls us to serve as whole and complete in Christ, regardless of our relationship status.

Delivery You Can Count On – A Skit and Devotion on Prayer

This skit and devotion work together to talk about the importance of prayer. Youth may doubt God is listening to their prayer, but this discussion will help them think about God’s response. The key focus is that God hears all our prayers to Him. We can love and trust Him to answer our prayers according to His will.

How Great a Debt: Cancel Culture and its Effects on Youth Ministry

Our youth are more and more seeing the cultural trend of “cancelling” someone because of actions now or in the past. As people in youth ministry, we must think long and hard about how we encourage both justice and live as people of grace through Jesus.

What’s the Context?: A Skit and Devo on Reading Scripture

This skit and devotion work together to talk about the importance of context when reading Scripture. The key focus is that God’s Word is a gift that is given to us that should be read in context and not be broken out to prove a point. We hope they help you in exploring these important topics in your youth ministry.

Hitting Singles, Not Home Runs in Youth Ministry

Baseball can be a good metaphor for ministry. Sometimes in the pursuit of hitting home runs, we try push too much too hard. Instead, think about how you can hit singles and work simple, relational things to help develop youth ministry.

Bible Studies – Jesus at the Center

Jesus at the Center is four studies that are center stories from the Gospels. With each story, we focus on what Jesus has done for us and how through the Holy Spirit, we can model that behavior in our own life. These studies can be done as a stand alone or they can be done together.

Emotional Jug: A Listening Interaction for Youth

Many teens spend time interacting with friends over the internet, and that can lead to feeling nervous our unsure about face to face interactions. In the same way, they may not feel like youth ministry is a place where they can be honest and share their thoughts and feelings. This activity helps you to practice having healthy discussions about their lives and feelings within the Christian community that can offer both Law and Gospel with a sense of warmth, challenge, and grace.

Advent and Christmas Social Media

Here are some social media images for Christmas and Advent

Christmas through the Eyes of Angels

In this short Bible study, we think about Christmas from the perspective of the angels. Angels are fascinating creatures give us a new perspective of the God’s story of salvation as we approach the birth of Jesus.

Three Tips for Talking with Teens

Adults can sometimes feel teenagers are impossible to start a conversation with! In this article by DCE Joseph Hope-Hull, he shares three tips to help you feel more equipped to spend some quality time with the teenagers that God has placed into your life.

Finding your Why and How in Youth Ministry?

“Why” are you doing, (or thinking) about doing youth ministry in your congregation? And once you find your “why”, how do you get started? These are key questions for many you may be starting to serve young people in the congregation. Here are some suggestions to finding both.

God at Work Bible Study Series

This four part Bible study series is meant to shed some light on young people in Scripture and how God worked through them or through their situation. As young people look to live out their vocation, these stories can point them to examples of God’s work through young leaders in the past.

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End Goals is the podcast of LCMS Youth Ministry in the Office of National Mission. LCMS Youth Ministry Staff discuss practices for healthy youth ministry and interview practitioners who provide insight for experienced and new youth leaders.

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