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This skit is designed to start a conversation about what kind of leader God calls and empowers us to be. This can be used in training young leaders or used with devotions that discuss leadership.


ANNOUNCER – Nature announcer, narrating everything the others are doing.

SVEN – Young leader who wants to be the boss

HELGA – Young leader who is unprepared

FINN – Young leader who likes to take credit and not blame



(ANNOUNCER enters, staying low to the ground in a ready stance.)

ANNOUNCER: (to the audience, in a hushed voice) Shh! Be very very quiet. We are about to witness with our very eyes a ministry team that is NOT Christ-centered. Now mind you, this is not as uncommon as one might think, yet still one worth observing so we can learn from their flaws. Here they come now! Let’s watch.

(SVEN, HELGA and FINN enter)

SVEN: (loudly, to HELGA and FINN) Alright! People, people! It’s getting time for MY youth ministry event to begin!

ANNOUNCER: (to audience) Using words like “me” “I” or “my” to describe ministry is almost always a red flag. An early yet fatal blow to this being a Christ-centered ministry experience.

SVEN: Okay! People are coming at seven. My youth event is going to blow them out of the water! It’s going to knock their socks off! This is going to be the biggest, THE best-

FINN: Yeah, yeah. But it’s not just yours, it’s mine, too.

SVEN: Yours? You barely did any work!

FINN: Hey! I was here for the planning meetings, I showed up.

HELGA: Yeah, then proceeded to do nothing.

FINN:(bitter) Well, I still deserve credit.

ANNOUNCER: (to the audience) Wowzer! Another red flag. Looks like someone wants to put their name on something without doing any of the work! Quite a move, but not a good one. Let’s keep observing.

SVEN: (pointing at FINN) Well, YOU certainly aren’t getting any credit for this. Me and Helga, but mostly me-


SVEN: (to HELGA) Oh you know it’s true. I am the one carrying the weight around here.

HELGA: Not true! I gathered all the game materials, that took a lot of work!

SVEN: Oh yeah? Where are they?

HELGA: Where are they? (looking around her) I just had them a second ago. I thought I brought them with me. Didn’t you see me carry them in?


FINN: You didn’t.

HELGA: (still looking around her) I could have sworn I just had them. Maybe I left them in the church office?

FINN: Why would they be there?

SVEN: We haven’t been there all day.

HELGA: Well they have to be around somewhere-

ANNOUNCER: (to the audience) Ah, yes. The classic unprepared leader. It’s a tale as old as time. When something is as important as youth ministry, it is crucial to be organized.

SVEN: Face it. It’s all lost, Helga.

HELGA: Well, Finn could have helped and carried them here for me! At least then he would have done something!

FINN: Hey! You can’t blame this on me!

HELGA: You’re right, we can’t blame anything on you, because you did NOTHING!

ANNOUNCER: (to the audience) The blame game. Commonly played under tense situations like these. The thing is, all the time they spend blaming each other, they could be working together to fix the problem. Fascinating, isn’t it? Well, I think it’s time they got some help, don’t you? (walks over to FINN, SVEN, and HELGA AND hands them a Bible) Here. You’ll need this.

HELGA: A Bible?

SVEN: Who are you?

ANNOUNCER: I’m here to help. Planning youth ministry is something to take seriously.

SVEN: That’s what I kept telling them! They wouldn’t listen to ME! This is MY youth event and-

ANNOUNCER:  Your youth event? Isn’t it supposed to be our chance to be centered in God and His Word for us?

SVEN: (disappointed in himself) Oh. Yeah. I guess I did get a little carried away and made it about myself.

HELGA: And I could have been a little more prepared.

FINN: And I guess I could have helped out a bit more.

ANNOUNCER: If you’re working as a team to create something to help others honor God and share the love of Jesus, you need to be doing the same through the preparatory process. You are serving as the hands and feet of Christ, which means you should be doing your best to act and do as Jesus would. You are leaders, and you need to lead by example, following the ultimate example, Jesus Christ.

SVEN: Yeah.

FINN: You’re right.

HELGA: We still got some time, if we divide and conquer, we can locate the materials, and then say a prayer together before we begin?

SVEN: Sounds great!

FINN: Let’s go!

ANNOUNCER: Just remember to put Christ at the center of all you do, and you’ll be fine. (FINN, SVEN and HELGA exit. Speaking to the audience) Well, that just goes to show, no matter how hairy things get, God works through us and gives us what we need to focus on the Gospel.

Download the Skit Here