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Can’t X Christ Out of Christmas

It is easy during Advent and Christmas to lose focus on why and what we are celebrating. In the middle of this busy time, there are lots of voices pushing us to focus on gifts, trimmings, and celebrations, rather than on the Christ child Jesus.

This skit is meant to be an introduction to a reminder of Christmas in this season. It does not require a lot of prep or props. You will need some paper folded like a card and craft supplies.



GINGER– is clearly the most artistic in the group

JOLLY– quite the wordsmith

PINE– probably shouldn’t be trusted with glue


(All actors are at a table or are all sitting on the ground with art supplies spewed around them. PINE’s hands appear to be somehow glued together, trying to pull them apart)

JOLLY: Alright, guys, how are our holiday cards coming along?

GINGER: (with great pride) Well MY cards are looking GREAT if I do say so myself. (holds up a card with candy canes and presents that reads “Merry Xmas”) This one says “Merry Xmas”, and there’s some candy canes and presents.

JOLLY: (unimpressed) Um…okay.

GINGER: (oblivious to his tone) I particularly like the shading I did on the candy canes, I think I did a really good job there.

JOLLY: I dunno, I’ve definitely seen better.

GINGER: (extremely offended) Excuse YOU this is a beautiful set of candy canes, I am sort of an expert artist, you know.

JOLLY: (skeptical) Since when are you an “expert” in art? Or really anything?

GINGER: I’ve always been the expert in art. Remember in third grade when I won that art award at the art fair?

JOLLY: For the flower you made out of macaroni?

GINGER: (with great pride) That’s the one!

PINE: (very frustrated with his hands, trying to interject) Um, guys? (neither of them looks at him)

JOLLY: Not now.

GINGER: You know I was so young, but just so bursting with talent, and clearly it was recognized. They don’t hand out blue ribbons to just anyone, you know.

JOLLY: Yes they do. Every class of every grade every year. And I hardly call that thing you made back then “art” just like I hardly call those candy canes well shaded.

JOLLY: (Indignant) Well, how do YOUR cards look, fancy pants?

PINE: (looking at his hands, kinda freaking out) No, guys, really- (neither of them look at him again)

GINGER: (without looking at him) Hold on a sec.

JOLLY: Well, I don’t focus on some stupid pictures on my cards, cause we all know you really get a card to read something, so I focus on the words. (Holds up a card that says “Happy Holidays” on the front) So here it says “happy holidays” (he opens to show writing inside) And on the inside I wrote a poem, it reads (dramatically clears his throat then reads) “Happy, happy, holidays. May this be the best. May you jingle all the way, and you find Santa’s sleigh, hope this holiday is better than the rest.” (looks at her with pride) Now isn’t that better than some stupid pictures?

GINGER: You worked on that for like fifteen minutes, it took you fifteen minutes to write a five lined poem?

PINE: (still there, pulling his stuck hands aggressively and freaking out) Guys- (they don’t even acknowledge him)

JOLLY: Words are hard! You must actually make that up. It’s not like drawing where you look at something to copy it!

PINE: (louder now) Guys- (they still ignore him)

GINGER: (angered) It’s not just COPYING! I did that freehand. It’s-

PINE: (yells) GUYS! (they look. Embarrassed) Um, it happened again.

GINGER: How does this happen any time we do anything with crafts? Like How?

JOLLY: I thought we told you to stay away from glue. You don’t have the best track record, Pine.

PINE: (bashful) I know…I just really wanted to glue on some stickers, and-

JOLLY: Dude. they’re STICKers. They STICK on their own.

PINE: (disappointed in himself) oh. (trying to sound upbeat) Well, look at my card! I really like it a lot. It’s very Christmas-y.

GINGER: (opens the card to see a bunch of cross sticks and “Merry Christmas”) What is this? They’re all crosses! That’s not the holiday spirit at all.

PINE: Actually, that’s exactly the spirit. The real spirit of the season. Guys, you were both putting “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Xmas” on your cards, but the truth is, you can’t X Christ out of Christmas. He’s the whole reason the holiday exists. The whole reason we’re saved.

JOLLY: But I love candy canes, presents, Christmas tree and decorations, holiday specials on Netflix, and all the things that make this season special!

PINE: You can enjoy those! The candy canes and presents and whatever else you guys put in your cards are nice, but the only thing that matters is Christ. Jesus is the heart and center of the season. That’s why it’s CHRISTmas, I feel like people forget that.

GINGER: Yeah, but why crosses? Why not a manager or nativity scene? Isn’t that a little more, I don’t know, seasonally appropriate?

PINE: Everyone remembers is the little baby in the manger on Christmas, But it’s easy to forget is what that little baby grows up to be and what He does.

JOLLY: Well, we sing, like songs about him being a savoir and stuff at Christmas. They’re classics.

PINE: Hymns and songs can point us back to Jesus’ reason to come to earth. But how often do we think about the crucifixion at Christmas? Like Romans 6:23 says “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.” Like guys it’s only free Cause Jesus died for us. That’s the real reason for the season. That’s the real real reason for any season, year-round, actually. (GINGER and JOLLY look down at the cards)

GINGER: I’m going to make a new card. Let’s make sure we remember why Jesus was born, to live and die for us.

JOLLY: Me too. Got more cross stickers?

PINE: Speaking of things that stick… (he holds up his two hands, still stuck)

GINGER: Oh, wow, right, we should get you some help. (they all start to stand up)

PINE: Thanks, guys. I promise, no more glue…ever.

JOLLY: And we promise, our cards, and our Christmas season, will be Christ centered.

GINGER: Absolutely! Merry Christmas!

Download the Full Skit Here.