Welcome to the team!

As a youth leader you are joining others who understand that their faith in Christ is to be shared both through loving words and caring actions.

Begin by asking, “Why do we want to do this?” Take time for prayer and Bible study about the role of being a servant to help you determine your answer. You can start by reading John 13:1–17, Matt. 25:31–46 and Phil. 2:1–18. Continue to pray for God’s guidance and direction for yourself and others who will join you in serving.

Then begin to review your options. Service opportunities provide participants the opportunity to serve and be served in the way Christ served us! The experience of working with others, learning in an unfamiliar environment and adapting to new surroundings forces us to examine ourselves spiritually, articulate our faith and strengthen our trust in the Lord!

As you consider your service options, ask these questions:

■ What people or projects in your church or community could benefit from a service opportunity?
■ Are there agencies in the community that need support on a specific project?
■ What needs could be met by your service that might not otherwise be met: needs of participants or of the community?
■ How could the community be involved in the service opportunities?
■ What service could volunteers do that will not deprive local people of jobs?
■ How many servants will be needed for the project?
■ Who could serve as key service opportunity leaders?
■ What is the best time to offer an event?
■ How long would it take to complete the project? One day? One weekend? One week? Weekly or monthly service?

Download the Serving in Your Church and Community guide for more ways to serve.