Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way…
(Psalm 46:2a)

Rejection, shame, and abandonment can make us fearful. Failure, trying to fit in, and pressure to succeed can pile fear upon fear. In the fog of fear, we often look to the wrong things to bring us peace and comfort. Our Real. Present. God. invites us to be fearless. He has conquered fear! There is no fear in love, and Christ promises to love us and help us.

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This study, Fear, dives into the topic of fear, anxiety, and spiritual warfare. These four sessions explore the dynamic between being fearful and fearless. Participants will reflect on identifying fears, understanding temptation, and living as a fearless child of God even in the midst of fear.

The session topics include:

  • Naked and Afraid: Whom Shall I Fear?: Fear was not part of God’s creation in the beginning. Rather, fear entered the world through disobedience to God and shame. In this session, students will explore the source of fear, identify what they are afraid of, and experience God’s presence in times of fear.
  • Spiritual What-fare? WARFARE – What is it anyway? Scripture depicts Satan as a tempter. Jesus went toe-to-toe with this tempter – and He prevailed! This sessions dives into what the Bible means when it tells us about the temptations we face.
  • Fear Full – Ways to Avoid Temptation:Fears tempt us to abide in other things instead of Christ. This sessions offers practical steps for avoiding temptation and seeing how God is always in control.
  • A Fearless Life: Living as a Child of God: God is all powerful and God is all personal. This final session explores how God’s children fearlessly abide in Christ now and for all eternity.

The Psalmist declares, “Therefore we will not fear…” (Psalm 46:2a) These are more than hollow words or wishful thinking. This is a sure and certain statement of trust in God. Our Real. Present. God. has the power to make us fearless!

Download the Fear Leader Notes.
Download the Fear Participant Handouts.

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