“The nations rage, the kingdoms totter; he utters his voice, the earth melts.
The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.” (Psalm 46:6-7)

Raging nations and tottering kingdoms are nothing new. War ravaged the earth thousands of years ago. And, as we see from headlines and current events, it continues to do the same today. Even as the nations rage against one another, our Real. Present. God. is in control. God is with us and He is our fortress.

This study, Headlines and Heartaches: Current Events in Light of the Gospel, addresses the fear, anger, and frustration that comes from living in an ever-changing world. This four-part study helps to make sense of current events, worldviews, and the calling of Christians in the world. Participants will come away from this study with God’s timeless truths for navigating a world of change.

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The session topics include:

  • The World: The world changes constantly, dramatically even. God doesn’t change. God’s promises and blessings remain, even in a world of constant change.
  • God in the World: God is a Present. God. God is active in the world, sustaining it, keeping it from devolving into ultimate chaos, re-creating it, and redeeming it. God is at work in the world even in the midst of tragedy, chaos, and pain.
  • Me in the World: As followers of Jesus, our identity is founded in Christ. We are called to be “in, but not of” the world and citizens of the “Kingdom of God” in this world. Similar to how Jesus came into the world, we are sent into the world to make disciples as we go about the callings of our daily life.
  • “Us” and “Them” in the World: God’s real presence in the world and our calling as Christians has the power to shape our relationships with others. Knowing that our identity is founded in Jesus, we are not bound by identity politics. Instead, we are set free to see others as Jesus sees them—as beloved creations of God in need of re-creation and transformation.

How do we faithfully follow Jesus in a world that is constantly changing? The good news is that in this world of uncertainty, we can be certain that God is in the world. Our Real. Present. God. is at work in the world in Christ Jesus bringing love, hope, and peace. And God is calling us to do this work in the world as well!

Download the Leader Notes.
Download the Participant Handout.