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Joy Comes in the Morning

Talk Sheet: Joy Comes in the Morning

A Music-Based Devotion, uses a contemporary Christian song together with a traditional Lutheran hymn to encourage discussion and conversation about God’s plan. Continue reading

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Spare Body Parts

Talk Sheet: Spare Body Parts

At our Baptism, we became a part of the Body of Christ, and as part of the Body, we have a purpose. Continue reading

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Can't I Just Live in Today

Talk Sheet: Can’t I Just Live in Today?

Based on James 4:13-15. In times of great distress we are often tempted to hide in living only for the moment, and neglect the future. Continue reading

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Blessed are the Hands

Talk Sheet: Blessed are the Hands

A discussion starter based on a compelling photograph taken during the post-Hurricane Katrina evacuation in New Orleans. Continue reading

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Who's the Real Superhero

Talk Sheet: Who’s the Real Superhero?

In response and thankfulness to Christ’s love, we are called to show our brothers and sisters love in concrete ways, like hurricane relief. Continue reading

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Who am I Supposed to Count On

Talk Sheet: Who am I Supposed to Count On?

We LIKE happy, triumphant Bible stories, but God sometimes calls us to tasks that ask us to focus beyond our own well-being. Jesus is in charge of your life; in good and “bad” you count on Him. Continue reading

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What's He Waiting For

Talk Sheet: What’s He Waiting For?

Christ’s return has been promised, so what’s He waiting for? Continue reading

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