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Joy Comes in the Morning

Talk Sheet: Joy Comes in the Morning

A Music-Based Devotion, uses a contemporary Christian song together with a traditional Lutheran hymn to encourage discussion and conversation about God’s plan. Continue reading

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Spare Body Parts

Talk Sheet: Spare Body Parts

At our Baptism, we became a part of the Body of Christ, and as part of the Body, we have a purpose. Continue reading

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Can't I Just Live in Today

Talk Sheet: Can’t I Just Live in Today?

Based on James 4:13-15. In times of great distress we are often tempted to hide in living only for the moment, and neglect the future. Continue reading

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Blessed are the Hands

Talk Sheet: Blessed are the Hands

A discussion starter based on a compelling photograph taken during the post-Hurricane Katrina evacuation in New Orleans. Continue reading

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Who's the Real Superhero

Talk Sheet: Who’s the Real Superhero?

In response and thankfulness to Christ’s love, we are called to show our brothers and sisters love in concrete ways, like hurricane relief. Continue reading

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Who am I Supposed to Count On

Talk Sheet: Who am I Supposed to Count On?

We LIKE happy, triumphant Bible stories, but God sometimes calls us to tasks that ask us to focus beyond our own well-being. Jesus is in charge of your life; in good and “bad” you count on Him. Continue reading

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What's He Waiting For

Talk Sheet: What’s He Waiting For?

Christ’s return has been promised, so what’s He waiting for? Continue reading

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What a Choice

Talk Sheet: What a Choice

Our salvation and our daily protection are not mere chance, nor are they a sign that we are better than others. They are the kindnesses of God which are undeserved and yet are a part of God’s intended plan Continue reading

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Facing the Deep Waters

Bible Study: Facing the Deep Waters with a Deeper Faith

Download a PDF of the Bible Study: Facing the Deep Waters with a Deeper Faith. Taken from The Servant eXtreme – 2005 LCMS Summer Servant Event Bible Study Used With Permission of LCMS Youth Ministry. OBJECTIVES To talk through circumstances…

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No More Floods

Talk Sheet: But God Said No More Floods

Water is the working substance of much of God’s creation and continues to be essential for and within us. While the recent floods have made water seem a danger, we might think of it as a place of God’s work. Continue reading

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