By Jill Hartman

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Pentecost 19C Gospel.

Text: Luke 16:19-31 for the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Lectionary Series C


Participants will:

  1. Recognize the biblical calling to serve others.
  2. See the importance of adhering to the Scriptures and its teaching.
  3. Learn that there are no second chances in hell.


Cookies or Donuts for each participant, plus one dozen extra

1 bread crust


Pencils for each


Break your larger group into smaller groups of 3-4 people each. Choose as the leader of each group the person wearing the most blue. The leader should help the group follow through the study and encourage individuals to participate as they feel ready.


  1. The large group leader should pass out a cookie or a donut to all but one of the participants. The last participant should receive only a crust of bread with no apology or explanation except, “That’s all you deserve.”
  2. As you are eating, ask the group how they are enjoying their food. Ignore the person with the bread crust.


  1. Read Luke 16:19-26. What was the rich man’s sin? Do you think this is so terrible? How did he try to get out of his punishment? Was he able to? Why or why not?
  2. Read Luke 16:27-31. Do earth’s values still apply in heaven or in hell? What did the rich man think? Why did the rich man know his brothers would not listen to the Scriptures and to the teachings?
  3. What did Lazarus have to say throughout all of this? Why?
  4. Read Luke 10:25-28. What would Jesus have to say to the rich man? How can we convince others that this is so important?


  1. Return to the large group setting. Talk about the opening exercise. How was the person who received the bread crust like Lazarus? How were the rest of us like the rich man? Did anyone in the group offer to share with the person who received the bread crust? Why or why not?
  2. The large group leader should give the extra dozen cookies or donuts to the person who received the bread crust.
  3. As a large group, try to pick an activity to do together to help those who are in need. For example, sponsor a starving child, work at the local food shelf, do something to help the elderly, etc. Ask everyone to make a commitment to do this.


Close with a prayer asking God to help you to adhere to the teachings of Scripture and to help you love your neighbor as yourself. Pray that God will help your group to carry out their commitment to help someone in need.


Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies.

Updated for youthESource in September 2016