By Victor Belton

Download the Word One Bible Study for Pentecost 14C Gospel.

Text: Luke 13: 22-30 for the Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Lectionary Series C


Participants will:

  1. Celebrate salvation.
  2. Appreciate, in a new way, the urgency of witnessing to their friends and relatives.
  3. Thank God for the salvation in Jesus which gets us through the narrow way.


Broom handle, or pole to pass under

Music to dance the limbo under the pole





Small groups should have 6-8 members. Groups will be formed while playing the limbo game. As participants fall out of the game they begin to form different groups until everyone has a group. The first participants out of the game are the group leaders. Leaders should ask questions one at a time and give group members a chance to express their thoughts. Give each group member an opportunity to share, but participants may pass if desired.


Discuss the following questions:

  1. List four places you have visited.
  2. Which place seemed to be the largest? the smallest?
  3. Which had the largest population? the smallest?
  4. Which one do you think had the friendliest people? the happiest people? the most unfriendly people? the meanest people?
  5. Which one would be the most pleasant place to live? Why?


  1. Read Luke 13:22. Jesus visited a great many places during His ministry on earth. Look in these verses for some of the places.

Luke 2:4                           Matthew 26:36               Matthew 2:13

Matthew 8:28                 Luke 2:22                         Matthew 3:13

Luke 2:39                         Matthew 4:13

  1. Why do you think Jesus visited so many places? What was His message to the people He met? Has Jesus visited your town? How do you know?
  2. Read Luke 13:23-27. Will only a few be saved? Lord, am I saved?
  3. What is the narrow door? Is it like getting under the limbo pole? Every time we make it under does the way get more and more narrow? No! God doesn’t plan games with us about salvation!
  4. Read Luke 13:28-30. Can you think of a time when people came from all directions to eat and drink in God’s kingdom?
  5. Is it good or bad news that the order is reversed and the last are first and the first are last? Why?


Think about the grace of God as the narrow door. We can’t barge through with works, knowledge, philosophy, money, bribes, earthly friendships, or family reputation. The only way, the narrow way, is grace alone by faith!

  1. How low did you go playing limbo? Does that matter for the kingdom of God? How low do you have to go to please God?
  2. Complete these statements in your own words.
    1. I know I’m through the narrow door because . . .
    2. One way I can help others though the door is . . .
    3. The next time I’m in a new place I’ll remember . . .
    4. One thing I’ll do with my new understanding is . . .


Sing the first verse of “Amazing Grace.” Say something about an experience that has convinced you that God’s grace is truly amazing! Close with the Lord’s Prayer.


Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies.

Updated for youthESource in August 2016