by Alan Klatt

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Pentecost 15B Gospel.

Text: Mark 7:(24-30) 31·37 for the Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Lectionary Series B


Participants will:

  1. Better understand Jesus’ power as God’s Son.
  2. Celebrate Jesus’ opening our ears to His Word.
  3. Understand that Jesus can and does open the “ears” of unbelievers through His Word.
  4. Be motivated to reach out to others with the Good News.


Map of the New Testament Bible Land
Paper and pencils


  1. Form small groups of 6·8 persons.
  2. Select as leader the person who watched the fewest hours of TV in the last week. The leader’s purpose is to keep the group moving through the Bible study and to encourage, but not force, each person’s participation. Have fun!


  1. Encourage each person to share with the group the most amazing thing they’ve ever heard (e.g., rescues, surgeries, weird experiences).
  2. Encourage each person to share an amazing story about God.
  3. Finish the following sentence and then share your response with the group.
    I believe Jesus is so powerful that He is able to…


  1. In Mark 7:31·37, we read of the amazing miracle of Jesus, the healing of the deaf and mute man. Have this selection read by different members in three parts.
    1. Verses 31-32 .
    2. Verses 33-35
    3. Verses 36-37
  2. Point out on a Bible map the following locations:
    1. Jerusalem
    2. The Jordan River
    3. The Dead Sea
    4. The Sea of Galilee
    5. The region of Decapolis
    6. Trace the route of verse 31
  3. People brought the deaf and mute man to Jesus (verse 32). Considering what you have heard and believe about Jesus, what would motivate you to do the same thing?
  4. Jesus makes a big effort to keep this miracle a secret (verses 33, 36). But look at the people’s reaction (verses 36, 37). How do you react when you find out something amazing?
  5. Jesus is God and therefore He has the power to heal the deaf man (verses 33-35). Make a list of amazing things Jesus does in the Bible.
  6. Jesus has the power to open the ears of the physically deaf as well as those who are spiritually deaf. Look up Romans 10:17 and discuss why you hear the Word of God.
  7. Jesus has the power to open hearts with His Word. Have each person think of one way they will share the powerful Word of Jesus with someone in the upcoming week. Share your plan with the group.


To end your session, have each person finish one of the following statements:

  1. One big thing I learned today is…
  2. I discovered that…
  3. I’m glad that…
  4. I think it is hard to…
  5. God always helps me with…


Ask for and write down a list of prayer concerns from the group. Have each member choose one of the items and jot down a short prayer on that concern. Bow heads and have each group member pray their prayer. The leader closes with this prayer:

Lord, we thank You for Your power to heal and strengthen us. We also thank You for this opportunity to bring our prayers before You. Grant Your blessing on us as we reach out to others with the Good News of Jesus Christ during this coming week. Help us to be bold and strong in our witness to Your Name. Amen.

Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 19, 1996.

Updated for youthESource in September  2015