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Bible Study: The Glory in You

a Christmas Bible study on God’s glory Continue reading

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Middle School Event: A Pre-Christmas Party for Preschoolers

by E. Steven Sonnenberg Download a PDF of this Middle School Event: A Pre-Christmas Party for Preschoolers. This activity is divided into three phases. The first phase is the planning session, the second is the party and the third is…

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Word One: Build Today’s Trust on Yesterday’s Grace (Pentecost 10B OT)

a Bible study on trusting in God’s love using Exodus 16:2-15 Continue reading

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Word One: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread (Pentecost 10B Gospel)

a Bible study on belief using John 6:22-35 Continue reading

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Word One: Unity of Believers (Pentecost 10B Epsitle)

a Bible study on Christian unity using Ephesians 4:1-16 Continue reading

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Word One: Look Up and See God’s Promise (Pentecost 9B OT)

a Bible study on God’s promises using Genesis 9:8-17 Continue reading

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Parenting Point: Finding Answers for Teens’ Tough Questions

Resources to help parents answer the tough questions teens have. Continue reading

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Christmas Worship: It Is Not Far to Bethlehem

“It Is Not Far to Bethlehem” presents an opportunity for youth leadership in a traditional Christmas worship format. Continue reading

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Bible Study: Inns, Stables and Hearts

a Christmas Bible study about compassion Continue reading

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Parenting Point: Confirmation is Not a Declaration of Independence

This Parenting Point encourages parents to continue to explain the importance of faith and not see confirmation as the culmination. Continue reading

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