by Julie Korte

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Easter 6B Gospel

Text: John 15:9-17 for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, Lectionary Series B


To enable each participant to discover how strong Christ’s love is for them and how to respond to that love.


Adhesive labels (possible computer mailing labels)
Slips of paper with incomplete sentences (see below)


  1. “Joy Germ”
    Give each participant three adhesive labels. Ask each participant to write one Joy that they have experienced because of their faith in Jesus Christ on each label. (Ex. security, fellowship, etc.)
    Have the participants attach their labels to their sleeves. The goal is to give your Joy to others. Allow the participants to move around the room. Space is needed for this game. It may turn into a game similar to tag.
    You cannot give more than one joy to the same person.
    After time is called have participants share how it felt to share their joy and how it felt to receive the blessings that joy can bring.
  2. If the group is large, divide into small groups of 5-6. Have a small group leader read and lead discussion about the following scenario.
    Ask: A friend or family member that you love very much is going to die. However, you have what they need to live. The doctors say that they can do the surgery to save the person you love but you will surely die in their place.

    1. Would you have the surgery? If yes, why?
    2. Who would you die for? Where do you draw the line?
    3. If no, why not?
    4. Discuss what it would take to love enough to give up your life for a friend.


  1. In your small group read John 15:9-17 aloud with each person taking a turn. Have each small group focus on one Scripture section.
    1. John 15:9-11
    2. John 15:12-14
    3. John 15:15
    4. John 15:16-17
  2. Using newsprint and markers have the small groups create a visual meaning for the Scripture section they were assigned. Every participant’s input is very important.
  3. Have the small groups share their visual understanding with the other groups in order of verse. Allow groups to ask questions for better understanding of God’s love for us.


Have the following incomplete sentences on slips of paper (one for each participant). Go around the room and have each participant complete their sentence on the basis of today’s Scripture study.

I realized that I…

I discovered that I…

I noticed that I…

I was surprised that I…

I was pleased that I…


Collect prayer requests from the participants and then distribute them to volunteers who are willing to pray that request out loud. Have a participant open and close the prayer.


Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 19, 1996.

Updated for youthESource in May  2015