The word “advent” is from the Latin word for “coming.”  During this time of the year, we make time to focus on Christ’s coming—past, present and future.

  • Past: We remember how He came humbly as a human baby in the Incarnation.
  • Present: We remember how He comes to us through Word and Sacrament today.
  • Future:  We remember that He is coming again at the end of time!

We’re pretty spoiled these days, living in a world where we can quickly communicate with people on the other side of the world, warm our food, see our photos…  We’re hardly used to waiting anymore!  Waiting can be challenging.  Yet through it, God has lessons for us to learn.  He draws us closer to Himself while we wait.

Mary – Like Mary, we can trust God’s plan and eagerly await the time when we will be with Him again.

Joseph – As we wait, we can help people as Joseph (the Old Testament Joseph) did, using the gifts and abilities God gives us.

Simeon – Simeon waited for the Savior and God allowed him to see Him. Like Simeon, we need a Savior.

Anna – After years of waiting, God blessed Anna with the opportunity to meet the young Savior.