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Devotion: You…Make a Difference

You make a difference because God is making a difference in you. A devotion for youth workers on 1 Corinthians 3:5-9. Continue reading

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The Challenges of Being a Young Adult Church Worker

A few of the top challenges young adults in ministry face, and how to face those challenges. Continue reading

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Devotion: You…Will Be Challenged

A devotion on Matthew 11:28-30 and facing the challenges of ministry Continue reading

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Issues Men Have in Ministry

Five issues men in ministry often experience. Continue reading

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Being a Woman in Youth Ministry

Being a woman in youth ministry can be hard, but God knit us to be a part of His creation as servants and calls us to serve Him. Continue reading

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Devotion: You…Sometimes Walk Alone

a devotion for youth workers on Matthew 16:24-25 Continue reading

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5 Practices for Raising Church Worker Kids

Church worker kids often have a difficult time. If you are a church worker, try these 5 practices to raise kids who love their church. Continue reading

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Devotion: Church Isn’t a Museum

Devotion: Church Isn’t a Museum

I’m a huge Pinterest fan and I love pinning quotes. I love quotes that are motivational, quotes that brighten your day, and most of all quotes about God. While pinning away, I found a quote that really made me think….

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On Campus: Beauty and Appearance

On Campus: Beauty and Appearance

I’ve found even though I am in college, I make the mistake of judging others based on appearance. Wasn’t that suppose to end in high school? I try not to, but it happens. If that were not enough, I also…

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Devotion: You…are Loved

a devotion on John 15:13 and Romans 5:8, on God’s great love for us Continue reading

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