youthESource asked a couple teens, “What questions do you have about your faith, or about God? What questions are your friends asking? Where do you go for the answers? How could your church help?” Here’s what one of them had to say:

Being a Christian can sometimes be muddling. There are so many questions in your head about God and Christianity; I know there is in mine! A lot of things are left unsaid or unexplained in the Bible. All Christians have questions about their faith and God and things they don’t understand. For instance, one thing I do not understand is the Holy Trinity. How can God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit be three different people and one person at the same time? How does God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit play all three roles at once? What does the Holy Trinity look like? It can become extremely confusing to think about.

I know a lot of my friends have numerous questions also. For example, one of my friends had the question, “Why doesn’t God tell me the plan He has for me?” It is an excellent question and is not really thoroughly explained anywhere in the Bible. We are only told to look to what God has done for us in Christ and to trust in Him. Another question one of my friends had was, “If God creates all things why did God create sin in the first place?” That is another question a lot of Christians have. Life would be so much simpler if everyone was without sin! Is there an answer to this question in the Bible?

When I have questions about my faith and about God, I usually go to the youth group at my church to talk about them. Sometimes we discuss the questions we have together. Everyone brainstorms possible answers to the question being asked. Eventually, we usually look up the answer in the Bible together to find the solution. It is very comforting to be able to go to youth group and openly ask questions about my faith or about God. Youth group is a fun and appropriate environment to talk about these topics with. Sometimes it can be intimidating to go up to pastors at church, so it is nice to be able to go to people your own age and discuss questions you have together as a group.

Maybe to help clear up some confusion, my church and others could have a special Bible study about confusing topics of the Christian faith. This way, several people would be more informed about complicated ideas and topics that compose Christianity. They would be learning new things about their faith in an interesting and enjoyable way.

youthESource responds:

Alright, youth workers, here’s your task. If these questions are common to a lot of teens, what are you doing to help them find answers? What resources have you used to address these topics with your youth? Share them in the comments below, and consider the following things:

Regarding the Trinity – I agree with our author, it is a topic that is rather difficult to wrap your mind around. Consider spending some time walking through and discussing the Athanasian Creed with your group. Also, be sure to watch how you talk about the Holy Trinity. Oftentimes, our language about the Trinity can be confusing. Note that God is three persons, not three people, and the more correct way to refer to the Trinity is as one divine essence rather than one person.

Regarding God’s plan for us – God does very clearly reveal His plan for us in Scripture, and that is the plan for salvation. Now, we know that this is most likely not the plan our author’s friend is referring to. Perhaps the question is better rephrased to say, “Why doesn’t God tell me the future He has in store for me?” To help address this question, take a look at some of the Life After Youth Group resources available at the youthESource. You might also consider reading Kurt Senske’s book The Calling: Living a Life of Significance.

Finally, regarding the question of sin – yes, there is an answer to this question in Scripture. Take a look at Genesis 2 and you’ll see that sin did not originate with God, but with Adam and Eve. It is they who created rebellion and sin when they ate the fruit they were forbidden to eat.