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I’m Straight

How do we help youth identify themselves as children of God rather than by their sexuality? Continue reading

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Bible Study: Do You Believe in Love…Real Love?

This one-part Bible study answers the question, “If love is love, and God is love, then isn’t same sex love okay?” Continue reading

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All Things New: Moving Outside the Church Walls

Serving outside of your congregation can enhance your service within it. Continue reading

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It’s Your Serve: Preparing to Host Your First Servant Event

This resource provides an overview of how to help your students serve children, youth, families and adults in your church and community and leave behind a “fingerprint of faith.” Continue reading

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Betwixt: Learning the Kind of Leader You Are

Betwixt: Learning the Kind of Leader You Are

Listen to the counsel of the people around you to determine the kind of leader you are. Continue reading

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Viewing Guide: The Passion of the Christ

a viewing guide and other resources for the film The Passion of the Christ Continue reading

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Homosexuality and the Church’s Response

How do we in the church speak the truth in love when it comes to the topic of homosexuality? Continue reading

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All Things New: The Habit of Meeting Together

All Things New: The Habit of Meeting Together

Get in the habit of meeting together to support and encourage. Continue reading

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Devotion: For He Himself is Our Peace

Devotion: For He Himself is Our Peace

We all know as college students how difficult it can be to keep up with current events. I’ll be the first to admit that deciding to pick up that newspaper or turn on the news channel just isn’t as desirable…

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Marijuana and Faithful Choices

How can you teach youth to make choices faithful to God’s Word? Try this teaching tool from a church in Colorado. Continue reading

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