10. Introductions – first day – name tags and face-to-face introductions are a must!

9. Leaders – Provide an opportunity early on for leaders to talk and to decide on what the overall expectations should be. When they all get along, it will be easier to instill that spirit of cooperation in participants.

8. Games – Games are fun and break down barriers.

7. Prayer – Prayer partners or groups are a great way for people to get to know each other.

6. Goals – Help everyone see and adopt the desired outcomes of your event.

5. Work Groups – Mixing leaders and youth from different churches on each work team helps create new friendships.

4. Activities/Field Trips – Shared experiences build friendships and inside jokes!

3. Affirmations – Encourage participants to share words of encouragement with one another throughout the week of service.

2. Bible Study – Time in God’s Word is a personal and community experience.

1. Worship – Join in thanksgiving, sharing, and song creates an incredible faith community!

Compiled by the 2013 LCMS Servant Event Committee: Rev. Barry Akers; Shelly Carlson; Linda Gage; James Lohman, DCE; Randy Ronning, DCE; Leah Sallach