Download this PDF of Sermon on the Mount to use with your group.
This three-session Bible study digs into Jesus’ sermon on the mount, finding truths that we still need today. Here’s a glimpse at what the study contains:
Session One: You are Blessed
Read Matthew 5:1-16.
Starting at verse 1, who are the characters in this passage? Who is listening to Jesus message?

What do you think the word blessed means? Does this passage use the word blessed in the way youre used to hearing it?

Another translation for the word “blessed” is “happy.” Assuming that Jesus is talking to you, His disciple, how easy is it for you to be happy when horrible things happen in your life? How would you feel if a friend gave you the advice to “just try to be happy” after you experienced a significant loss?
Session Two: Why all the Rules?

Were going to look at a section of Scripture that could be taken as Jesus pointing out whats wrong with everyone in the crowd listening to His sermon. Whats important to remember as you read this next section is that He isnt talking to just a sinner, He is talking to you, a disciple, a follower. Read Matthew 5:17-20.

The “iota” is the smallest letter in the Greek alphabet. Jesus is telling us that He is not getting rid of one bit, not even one period, of the law. What are some of the laws or rules you know from the Bible?
Session Three: Fruit
Were going to dig into another tough passage in this session where were going to need to be reminded that we are Gods followers and that He loves us. Read Matthew 7:15-20

What do you think Jesus means in verse 16 when He says that you will recognize a false prophet by his fruit?

What are some false teachings in this world that if we followed them, would be leading us away from Jesus and His teachings?