“What is the most significant wall facing the church in the coming decade?”

Four different presenters answered this question at the October 2012 Regeneration Summit in St. Louis, hosted by Christ Memorial Lutheran Church. In an increasingly polarized society, the church is faced with walls from within and without. This summit considered how the church lives out the mission amidst such walls. The presenters were:

  • Dr Andrew H. Bartlet, Professor of Exegetical Theology an Concordia Seminary
  • Mark Kempff, Assistant Director for the Center for Hispanic Studies of Concordia Seminary
  • Jon Graf, a Lead Financial Consultant for Thrivent
  • Robert Millar, Director of Young Life College – St. Louis

Regeneration began as a conversation about the mission of the church in the coming decades. The first summit was held in October of 2009 at Christ Memorial Lutheran Church in St. Louis. Since then, there have been Regenerations in Milwaukee, the Twin Cities, Sacramento, and Chicago. Summits are less conference and more conversation, centered around short presentations followed by dialogue, coffee, food, and prayer. The conversation has continued in an online format at  www.regeneration-summit.com

Regeneration pulls together pastors, professional church workers, lay people, seminary professors, church planters, and students who care about the church’s mission.

Read reviews of the 2012 summit and join the conversation at www.regeneration-summit.com