Fall is one of those unusual times of seasonal limbo, in which your wardrobe transfers from shorts and t-shirts to sweaters and boots, back to shorts, etc. Cold one day, hot the next, fall colors one day, brown the next. Not knowing which seasonal portion you are in the midst of, these two activities will assume both and none, and focus on one of the fall/winter past-times that bring many together, who get it or not…football!

Type/Purpose: Community Builder, Event/Activity, Scavenger Hunt, Seasonal–Fall

Many youth groups will allot at least one time period to gather for a football game, whether it’s the SuperBowl or a local rivalry. Try this alternative to garner interest from those who love watching the game, and those who come to the event for the social aspect.


  • Place to watch the football game (room with a TV)
  • Beach ball
  • Round object for each participant (potato, small apple, chocolate coated candy, etc.)
  • Deck of playing cards

Set-Up: Make sure you are in a space big enough to accommodate the activities listed below, or adapt the activities.


  • Upon arrival, split the group into 2 teams, assigning each person to either one of the teams (if it’s a rivalry, this may be easier, otherwise, just assign).
  • While watching the game, each time one of the following events happens, the group representing that team will participate in a mini-challenge, earning points for their side:
    • Their team has possession of the ball
      • Group will keep a beach ball aloft for as long as they can without it hitting the ground. One participant may not touch the ball 2 consecutive times. Every five touches equals one point for that team.
    • Their team just scored a touch down
      • Each participant will put the same round item on their forehead and lift one foot off of the ground. The timer is set for one minute. For each person who still has that item on their head, one point is awarded for that team.
    • Their team attempted a field goal (successful or not)
      • Deal out 5 playing cards to each participant. For every player who has a pair or better (in a poker hand), award one point.
    • Commercial Break–BOTH TEAMS DO THIS ONE
      • AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH QUARTER, each team selects one type of commercial (credit card, movie, insurance, soft drink, etc.). During the commercial breaks, one point is awarded for each commercial that fits in that category.
      • Teams must change commercial type at the beginning of each quarter (they may use the same one as the other team just did, but not the same type 2 quarters in a row).
  • At the end of the game, tally it up.

Extra Ideas:

  • Adapt these ideas based on the size of the group.
    • Larger groups may be broken up into mini groups.
  • If the group favors one team overall, break the groups into 2 groups, with one group getting points during the first and third quarter, and the second group during the second and fourth.
  • Other activity ideas (may need additional supplies accordingly):
    • One minute to build a free standing marshmallow tower–one point for every three mallows.
    • One minute to spell as many words from the name of their team as they can–one point for every three words.
    • The group must bounce a table tennis ball multiple times on the ground. Similar rules as beach ball–one player may not the touch ball two consecutive times. Every 5 touches equals one point.