Read John 1:29-51.
Were you surprised by the fact that some of the disciples used to be disciples of John the Baptist? It would be so interesting to hear what John the Baptist taught to people in preparation for them to follow Christ. His relationship with Christ was so incredibly humble. It’s probably summed up in John 3:30 when he says, “He must increase, I must decrease.” What a beautiful and simple way to illustrate his humility. It’s illustrated again when Christ shows up and John, in a very ego-less manner, releases his followers to go with Christ.
  • What was John the Baptist’s reaction when he saw Christ? What does that tell you about their relationship?
  • What was your reaction the first time you encountered Jesus Christ in a profound manner? If you never have, what would kind of encounter would you like to have with Christ?
  • Are there people in your life who lead you, mentor you, or disciple you in the way that John the Baptist led his disciples? Who are they and what is your relationship like?
  • Are there people in your life you lead, mentor, or disciple? Who looks up to you? Who looks to you to see how to act or how to follow Christ?
  • How are you doing at following Christ? How are you doing at leading others toward Christ?
  • Are you humble enough to let people think Christ is more important and more deserving of their time than you are?
  • How can we forge a relationship with Christ like John the Baptist had? Let’s pray to have his humility and his leadership.