Type/Purpose: Community Builder

Materials: A piece of paper and writing utensil for each participant.

Set-Up: Place participants in a circle and give them each a paper and writing utensil.


  • Instruct participants to fold their paper so that it has eight squares, or a 4×2 grid (hot dog fold, hamburger, hamburger). Direct participants to mark the grid lines, and in the top left box write a capital letter of their choice. After doing so, have them slide their paper to the person on their left.
  • After receiving the paper, the participant will rewrite the original letter in the next box, then elaborate on the letter, using a different category. After drawing, pass the paper to the next person. After all slots are filled, pass the papers back and have a show and tell. Or lay the papers out and have awards. Or discuss the process.
  • Example categories might include: Animal, Vegetable, Form of Transportation, Person, Fall/Winter Theme, Sports, Food, Electronic, Kitchen Utensil, Ocean Theme, Movie, etc.