This two-part Bible study equips youth to be better servants by examining their hearts for proper motivation, discovering who their neighbor is and focusing on “still time” with God.

Topics: Christian Life, Servanthood
Download a PDF of the Cardio Condition Bible Study and the leader’s guide.

The basis of this two part study (could be a 4 part study) is the Scripture text in Matthew 22:37-40, in which God commands us to first love God, and then to love our neighbors.  These two lessons aim at developing a servant heart and looking to God to help shape and mold us for continual service.

The first place to start looking is at our own hearts.  Do we love God with our whole hearts?  We need to examine what is getting in the way and stealing our attention away from God.  This is a lifelong process of spending time with God, listening, and adjusting our lives in obedience to God’s prompting.

  • To spend some quiet time with God focusing us on God’s activity in our lives.
  • To understand the importance of daily spending time with God, in order to keep our focus directed toward Him.
  • To reflect honestly on how we live our lives and challenge us to live lives of obedience to God’s leading.

Published April 2007