Type/Purpose: Artistic, Event/Activity


  • Everyone likes kites…at least, if you can get them into the air. This kite mosaic event begins by giving each youth a plain white plastic kite, which can be purchased through Oriental Trading Company. Each youth can decorate his or her kite anyway he or she wishes with markers, streamers, stickers, glue, yarn, paint (spray or brush), confetti, string, etc.
  • Display each kite and take pictures before they all see “flight.” Have a contest and provide prizes for the best-looking, ugliest, cutest, prettiest, most manly, etc. Make up awards so everyone in your group gets one!
  • The next step is to fly these kites on a day shortly after you have made them and take a lot of pictures of the whole event. Then assemble all the kites together so they look like a wide and long graffiti board. Take pictures and create a bulletin board and slide show presentations with the results.

Teachable Moments: Connections can be made to the following passages from Scripture: Genesis 1: 1 Peter 2:9 & 10, Isaiah 45:18; Ecclesiastes 3:11; John 13, Hebrews 12; Revelation 14:7; Jeremiah 1:4-5.