Calling all worship planners! In this original skit, a group of worship planners dive head first into creating a contemporary worship service, complete with music, fun, and…glitter?

You can download a PDF of Goosebumps for Jesus. If you use it, let us know in the comments!

Theme: Worship

Text: Deuteronomy 26:10 “Israel, what does the LORD your God want you to do? He wants you to fear him, follow all his directions, love him, and worship him with all your heart and with all your soul” (GW).

Theme: Identifying the heart of true worship.

Setting: A worship planning team works around a large table.

Characters: Art, Joy, Howard, and Buffy.

Gathered together at a table “working” on worship planning. Group members are horsing around, perhaps playing table football or a similar game.

Art: Okay everyone, let’s pull it together. We’ve got business to do.

Buffy: You’re right Art! But we just can’t help goofin’ around when we get together! Right guys?

Everyone: (laughing) That’s right. That’s right.

Art: Anywho, we still have lots of hymns to pick and lots of work to do if we’re going to get ready for the next quarter.

Joy: (Interrupting) Hey! I’ve got something to share, first! You guys are just going to love this! I went to this Community Church of Joy to just like visit and…and well, I chose that one because I liked the name. Get it? Joy?

Howard: We got it. Go ahead, Joy.

Joy: Anyway, sorry! I get so sidetracked. It was SO GREAT! And I KNOW we can do something like what they did in OUR church! Listen to this…ready? I say, let’s PLAN A CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP SERVICE!!!!!


Art: Wait, wait! We don’t know the first thing about contemporary worship. You guys sure we can do something like that? I mean it sounds like a great idea, but…

Howard: Art! I think this is fantastic! I’ve always wanted to bring my son’s drum set to church!

Buffy: Howey! You’ve got a drum set? Great! My brother knows how to play the guitar!

Joy: Oh! I can like get some of my girlfriends and we’ll sing just like they did at this church!

Buffy: Do tell!

Joy: They had this awesome band! And they had like four or five people up front singing. They had awesome voices! I know we could do that!

Art: Okay! Okay! Let’s focus! If we get the right people up in front, what are they going to sing?

All thinking for a moment.

Buffy: Hey! Songs about Jesus, of course!

Howard: What did they sing at this Joy Church you went to, Joy?

Joy: Well Howey, it was awesome! And yes, it was about Jesus. In fact one song was just about Jesus!

Art: Isn’t that what it should be?

Joy: No, I mean that’s ALL they sang. The words were “Jesus, Oh, Jesus! Jesus, Oh, Jesus!” And we all sang it, clapping and bouncing around, following the words on the screen! It must have gone on for fifteen minutes. It was totally awesome! 

(Starting to reflect with a little singing)

Howard: Joy?

Joy: (still reflecting then focusing) What?

Howard: Did they really have the words to that song on the screen?

Joy: Yes! It was great! It just kept scrolling “Oh, Jesus” while we were singing. It was awesome to follow along!

Art: Okay, I think we can do that one; sounds pretty easy to remember. Now, what do we really want this service to do?

Joy: Why, I would want it to do for us what that service of joy did for me! Listen to this: there was this one time in the service when the pastor said, “Get ready for the Goosebumps for God Medley!” And you know what? (showing her forearm) I got Goosebumps! I GOT GOOSEBUMPS! (Starting to well up) I just get choked up thinking about the music. It was an awesome service!

Howard: Joy, it might be helpful to know what their theme for that day was. You know, what was the main point in the worship service?

Buffy: Yeah, what did you take away from that service?

Joy: (Thinking hard) Hmmm. You know? I’m not really sure what the theme was, come to think of it. I just know I really felt good. Oh! And they had some great musicians and singers! They were awesome!

Art: Okay, we get that. But what was the service about?

Joy: Well, take that one song “Oh, Jesus!” I think the service that day was about, well, JESUS! That’s right, it was about Jesus! Oh, and Buffy! You should have seen what the women were wearing who were singing up front AND they had some kind of sparkle on their faces and clothes that when the special lighting hit—THEY JUST BEAMED! It was awesome!

Howard: Art? Do you think we can pull this off?

Art: Hmmm. I think it’s worth a try. If something like that can bring that much joy to our Joy–as well as goosebumps AND tears, why not?


Buffy: And we don’t really need a theme as long as people walk away feeling like Joy did…does. Whew!

(Fanning herself) I’m getting excited, too!

Art: Wait! Wait! We still have some work to do here! We still have to pick out some songs!

Joy: Songs? Let’s just do “Oh, Jesus!” It lasts like fifteen minutes and we could sing it twice!

Buffy: You go, girlfriend! We’re planning now! I’ll get the musicians together!

Howard: I’ll try to get an overhead projector so we can put the words on a screen!

Art: There’s one in the art room!

Joy: And I think I know where I can get some of that glitter!

Art: It’s set then! We’re doing a contemporary service this weekend! Are we missing anything?